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About This Site

From 2019-2017, this site unofficially tracked scores for local area high schools. Prior to 2009-2010, I tracked all of Oakland County. Since then, I've focused on the Oakland Activities Association (OAA).

Football Information

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Rating Systems

The primary system I use is David Wilson's performance rating system. As a secondary rating system, I use the late David Rothman's FACT system. For more information on these systems, visit the links page.

Wilson Performance Ratings

A team's rating is the weighted average of its opponents' ratings plus 100 for a win or minus 100 for a loss. Wins that lower a rating or losses that raise a rating count one-twentieth (5%) of the normal value. Final margins of victory are ignored. Post-season games count double. Per David Wilson, this system is copyrighted, but it may be used freely for non-commercial use.

FACT Ratings

FACT considers the margin of victory, albeit with diminishing returns. Each additional point, goal, etc. adds less value than the previous one. The intent is to deter running up the score for rating's sake. Teams are mapped to points on a logistic curve based on who they have defeated and lost to and based on the final scores. FACT disregards all forfeits and weights all games equally. This system is in the public doman.


All scores and information provided on an as-is basis. Not every score gets reported to a media or social site. Use of this data is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and at your own risk.

About these scores:

Scores came from a variety of sources, including: MaxPreps, MHSAA, Student & Athlete, and emails from coaches, parents and fans. Should others find these scores so useful they wish to post them elsewhere, please cite or link to this site.


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